The Alliance Power Play qualifies teams for Power Rankings, the 5 Star Assist, and Top Plays after completing team registration, coaches background checks, and team rosters.

Team participation for the Power Play is being tracked now!


Power Rankings

A combination of the number of wins and win %, strength of schedule, point differential, and recent performance are taken into consideration for rankings. Visit the Power Rankings Page.

5 Star Assist

Teams will receive 1 star for each tournament they enter starting February. Stars 1-4 each equal a $50 sponsorship to the State tournament. Five stars will cover 100%! Visit the 5 Star Page.

Top Plays

Check out the top play from our spring season! New pics and videos will be posted weekly. Come back to vote for your favorite! Visit the Top Plays Page.


Teams must complete all three items below in order to be Power Play eligible.

Register with The Alliance - Register your team on Tourney Machine and pay the annual sanctioning fee.
Background Checks - All coaches are required to complete the background check process.
Team Rosters - Complete team rosters on Tourney Machine. Rosters must include each players full name and jersey number.