DECEMBER 29-30, 2018


This is my second time watching this very talented group of players. It was nice to see that the first observation I made stood true, this team can play! They have a roster of 3-4 players that are good for double digits every game. You really never know who is going to step up and lead the team offensively and defensively. They have an abundance of talent and just play the game with a very unselfish attitude. The standouts this weekend were Jayden Bush a scoring machine, Michael Nieves a 3-point specialist & Joessette Sanchez-Vega, your all-around player. Kareem Willmore dished out 6 dimes and kept his team in the flow of their offense with his leadership.
This young team plays with energy and effort! It was obvious from the beginning these kids have a passion for the game. They are led by a trio of standouts. The Phenoms run a nice controlled offense with multiple ball handlers with the ability to pass and execute their offense. I actually saw them run a nice set out of a timeout to perfection. You don’t see that very often with the younger age groups.
Angel Lara is a consistent offensive player with the ability to shoot the ball very well from beyond the arc. He displays a nice release and fundamental shot off the dribble. Lara will mix it up under the basket and battle for rebounds and loose balls.
Jorge Rodriguez is a go-to player that hit some big shots under pressure. Nice ball handling skills with exceptional footwork on both ends of the court. Rodriguez is the definition of a tough player. This kid can rebound and play defense. Rodriguez showed his passing skills by dishing out some nice assists.
Christopher Rivero is a shooter! An aggressive player that can get in the paint and finish around the basket. Rivero does a nice job sealing his opponent to position himself for rebounds. Defensively Rivero does a really good job of keeping his man in front of him forcing his opponent to pass the ball.
The Court Crashers came into Sunday’s game with one mission; test themselves against one of the best teams in the state, Bad Boys! In the early minutes of the game, the Bad Boys were clicking on all cylinders and led by as much as 16 at one point. The Bad Boys are loaded from top to bottom with athletes! That’s all that needs to be said. Cristian Texidor is a threat from beyond the arc. Gregory Spate can score from anywhere. I like what the Bad Boys did in the game. Their coach gave all 14 players the opportunity to shine. They really never got caught up in the score.  Although the South Florida Court Crashers were down early, they fought their way back and cut the lead to single digits. Isaiah Adrien did everything he could to keep the game close. I can’t forget about Roodolph Theobal, don’t let his 6 points mislead you. Theobal is an all-around player that contributes in almost every statistical category.
Elvin Harris, Elvin Harris, no that’s not a typo. I did that on purpose to emphasize his name. For starters, he’s a legit 6-5, 230 lbs. The big man was engaged in every aspect. Defensively, he’s hard to score on and you definitely won’t move him in the paint. Very poised and stays on the ground to stay out of foul trouble. Surprisingly, he moves very well for his large frame and ran the court with ease. He finished the game with 8 rebounds and 12 points. He went 2 of 2 from the free throw line as well. Definitely a player to watch as we progress through the season.
Pines Charter and Boca High School went at it! Both teams are very well coached and executed their game plan. This game was just great basketball by two very talented teams. Jordan Walter led the Jaguars with 13 points. He shot 100% from the stripe and shot 83% from the field. Alton Giggs is your defensive specialist. His 5 steals were huge in their 1 point victory. His 6 points came at crucial times and definitely made his presence felt on both ends of the court. Matthew Lauriston went 5 for 5 from the field and added 11 points for the Championship.
Boca High School is extremely well coached and executes their offense and defense with precision. This is a pass-first team with a disciplined mindset. Boca came into the Championship game undefeated and averaging 60 points prior to the finals. Although they have a very talented group of players there were 4 players that caught my eye. #1, although probably never led any statistical category he was very efficient in all facets of the game. His all-around game became very evident throughout the entire weekend. A solid fundamental player with a huge upside. #10 had a game-high 18 in pool play. Went 100% from the field going 8 of 8 and 100% from the stripe as well. A rhythm, streaky player with exceptional speed in the open court. The most dominating player on their roster is #50! This kid plays with passion, energy & 110% effort every second. #50 led the entire JV Division in rebounds throughout the entire tournament. #50 is a tough, gritty player that will outwork you on both ends of the court. He has a nice touch around the basket and finishes everything in the paint. The most notable characteristic is #50 really enjoys the game. You can tell he is out there competing and having a great time.
The Bobcats from Boca Raton have a slew of young talent. They are led by Sam who scored 19 points in the Championship game. Sam puts in the work on both ends as he battled down low and came up with some key rebounds throughout the entire weekend. He was the second leading rebounder in the entire JV Division. In the Championship game Sam didn’t disappoint. He scored a game-high 19 points. Oxo was the second leading scorer in the game finishing with 11 points. Can Oxo can play D? Yes! He came up with deflections and steals that turned into fast-break transition opportunities for the Bobcats.
South Miami, another roster of all 9th graders played some big minutes and really represented themselves with class! They were tested every single game. They won 2 games by a combined 3 points. Jonathon Perez was the man! He can beat you from deep, attacking the basket, defensively, ball handling and most important, this kid plays with confidence! I really enjoyed watching his game along with his teammates. Kevin Castro is another hard working Cobra. I always saw him battling down low with bigger players. A consistent scorer putting up 15 in pool play. Eline Esquivel is the workhorse that controls the paint. This kid does all the dirty work! He had a game-high 19 rebounds in pool play.
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